1500 mg CBD Hemp Extract Roll On Menthol

Endo EASE - CBD Infused Cooling Topical Relief (1500 mg)


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Get fast and powerful relief with Endo EASE Cooling. Endo EASE roll on topical is great for mitigating aches, muscle soreness, and joint pain with the help of our CBD Hemp Extract infused with menthol. Simply apply directly to the affected area(s), enjoy the sensation of a cooling effect and feel your pains go away.

This product does not contain more than 0.30% THC

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Keith Gerads
NOT satisfied with product or customer service

I emailed David Youssefyeh on Sept 9th - have NOT heard back from him?? I purchased (2) EndoEase Max 1500mg Hemp Relief Roll On delivered. There are no Best By or lot nbrs on the two 1500mg bottles? My EndoEase 300mg has best by 01/22 Lot #9F20.
The 300mg formulation I feel relief on contact. I had my husband try the 1500mg, he agreed no relief? I was expecting 1500mg formulation, to be better than the 300mg - I felt no relief after applying?

R Peterson

Endo EASE - CBD Infused Cooling Topical Relief (1500 mg)

Cassie H.
Endo CBD Cooling Topical

Love this stuff!! Had back surgery 2 years ago and this helps with the aches and pains from my back almost immediately after roll on. It allows me to gain movement again and sleep in peace.

Scott Lowell
Endo Ease Cooling Roll-On works

I purchased 3 products from Endo and my wife and I like all three. At night-time we both like to use the cooling roll-on. I am 61 and have had 3 knee surgeries and a shattered tibia on the same leg and have 4 screws and a couple washers and some other hardware in that joint and leg. I am too old to desire going in to get another surgery, so I use topical CDB products to lessen the pain, joint swelling, and stiffness. Endo Ease is a good product that works well over the night and allows me to sleep better with less aggravation and allows me to wake up pain free. Thanks Endo..

Kimberly Adams

It’s the best!! I’m now going to get the sleeping time bundle . Good night sleep here I come 🙃

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