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Endo GUMMIES - Delta-8 Gummies (25 MG/Gummy)
Michael Sheegog (Rockwall, US)
Great Product

Recently switched to these Endo brand gummies. I had used another gummy product from another comapny before and it helped me sleep somewhat but these new gunnies are the best. I chew one up b4 bedtime and sleep like a baby thru the night. Highly recommend.

Delta 8

I have used this multiple times. It helps with pain and headaches. I also take it to relax at night and sleep. I will definately continue to use this brand. It works better than anything I have ever tried.

Endo TOKES - DELTA-8 Cartridge (900 MG)
Chasity Moffett (Charleston, US)
Smooth product

If you’re a music lover, you’ll love Forbidden fruit flavor for sure!

These gummies help my husband with his seizures. They have given him gress as t relief

Daytime Gummies

First CBD product I’ve tried that actually helps me make it through the day

Delta-8 Tincture (1000 mg)
Faithe N (Arlington, US)
Very happy with product

On my second bottle of the Delta 8 1000. I bought to relax & aide with sleep. Works great! Dosage is different for every one so go slow. It does take about 30-45 minutes to feel full affect.

Endo EDIBLES - DELTA-8 Peanut Butter Treats (50 MG Delta-8/Treat 2 Per Pack)
Anonymous (Brooklyn, US)
simple taste

The edible square snacks had a simple flavor, meaning easy to enjoy for a variety of preferences in taste.
I prefer the gummies more but these are good for the price and smaller amount.

Endo GUMMIES - DELTA-8 Gummies (50 MG/Gummy)
Sheldon Banfield (Allen, US)
Great Product

Great product! Will definitely reorder


It really is helping my food disorder by stopping over indulging food cravings (I still get the munchies tho since it's still partially delta 8) I love the feeling of the THC-V. The pen confused me at first but the LED is on the bottom when you smoke it! I definitely feel way more alert and talkative, this is definitely more of a sativa feeling.

Endo EDIBLES - DELTA-8 Cinnamon Crunch Treats (50 MG Delta-8/Treat 2 Per Pack)
James Haynes

Products are good but I only received 2 of the 3 packs of Cinnamon Crunch Treats that I ordered

Gummiebears D9

Very satisfied with this product. As advertised.

So Smooth

It’s the best thing since Delta-9

Endo GUMMIES - DELTA-8 Gummies (50 MG/Gummy)
Kennedy Hamilton (Fort Worth, US)
Great products

I love shopping with Endo. I will definitely be a frequent customer. Thank you :)

Gummy 12

Its ok

It Helps

I have a terrible time getting and staying asleep. Delta 8 had helped me get to sleep and stay asleep better than any thing I have used.

Finally a good night’s sleep

I have degenerative disc disease and laying down is my most painful position. Pain wakes me up frequently in the night and I’m always tired from lack of sleep. I tried the Endo Delta 8 (25 mg) gummies and I’m sleeping through the night! I found that I need to wait until I’m ready to get into bed before I take one because I do experience lightheadedness about 30 minutes after taking it. I’m grateful to have found something that helps me get a full nights sleep!

Delta-8 Tincture (1000 mg)
David Lewis (McKinney, US)
endo drops

works good. some days it kicks in after I eat lunch. kinda unexpected but it works.

Endo GUMMIES - CBD Infused Daytime Gummies
Eduardo Calles Ortiz (Delano, US)

Endo GUMMIES - CBD Infused Daytime Gummies

Very satisfied

Didn't have high hopes . Much better than expected I will definitely purchase again.

Endo FLOWER - Delta-8 Flower (Premium Strains)
James Lee (Dallas, US)

Endo FLOWER - Delta-8 Flower (Premium Strains)

Answered prayer

I am so grateful for having discovered Endo products. My husband is very ill, he has extreme pain all over his body, diabetes, autoimmune disease and these products have helped him have relief from the pain that he lives with 24/7. Thank you so much

Endo GUMMIES - Delta-8 Gummies (25 MG/Gummy)
Elizabeth Rider (Atlanta, US)
Pain relief gummies

These work pretty well. A bit expensive for the single dosing size. Shipping time was great. Thanks

Delta 8 gummies

Does what it's supposed to.

Nice product

Very berry flavor, great product as usual!

Love my Gummies

I’ve tried several brands but Endo is my favorite. The flower is top notch. I hope they open a store in Los Angeles.