Endo TOKES - DELTA-8 Vape (900 MG) - 10+ Flavors

Endo TOKES - DELTA-8 Vape (900 MG) - 10+ Flavors


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These Delta 8 vape cartridges come in 15 different flavors that are sure to make you happy. 900 mg of Delta 8 per 1 gram vape cartridge.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Check with your doctor prior to use of any supplement.

Do not take if you are going to drive or operate machinery.

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No vape pen

Assumptions should not be made by a vendor. I am sitting here with two vape cartridges....no vape pen. And there is none on your web page....that i can find. I did see somewhere, (can't even peg it down, just like urban myths) that they take a 510 pen, probably the thread size they screw onto, or "our breath activated pen? Nope even search your site for those, got nothing. I have $80.00 worth of paper weights...I don't use paper weights.
Most of all, I don't like feeling like a dope. I wrote to you all about it and since you have not yet replied, but mostly care about reviews, here it is on the the endo vape...reap what you sew.
So not happy, want to know what you all are going to do about it.

Prime your carts!

Got some d8 carts in yesterday. Hit the maui wowie a few minutes ago. I'm gone.

First hit, I coughed my ass off...cart wasn't primed. Took 5 dry pulls and it was hitting real good ever since.

Wish I grabbed a few more maui wowie because this my new favorite cart and I'm over budget for a while.

Lab results need to be updated so they're actually readable on the site.


Great Products!


Endo Tokes - DELTA 8 Vape (900 MG) - 10+ Flavors

Extremely harsh, probably going to throw this away

Feels like inhaling cancer and roach spray. I don't dare take more than one hit a day. The lab results on the website look fake. You can't enlarge them to actually read what they say, some are duplicate images, and most showed no Delta-8.