Endo GUMMIES - DELTA-8 Gummies (25 MG Delta-8/Gummy)
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Endo GUMMIES - DELTA-8 Gummies (25 MG Delta-8/Gummy)

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Our Delta-8 gummies are made with Delta-8 THC from a premium hemp plant. Our ingredients use Pectin instead of the typical Gelatin which makes our gummies much more stable. Each bag comes in assorted flavors. The gummies will give you a slow, calm high. Take one out, pop one in, and enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Julie and Chad Reed
Holy Gummies These Work!!

You guys, these really do work. I've purchased CBD gummies before, but these actually WORK, and work WELL!! If you take one, be sure to clear your schedule and DO NOT drive! They make me feel so relaxed and good. Hard to believe they are legal!

Clara C.
Love your product

Thank you as always! Great for my anxiety.

Rhonda Harris
Delta-8 gummies

Love them.

John D

Love the sleep I get when I eat a gummy before bed. Haven't slept like this in years. Wake up feeling great as well!

James Hamilton
Great Product

These Endo DELTA-8 gummies were actually better than I expected.